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Prerequisite for Fat Loss:
The Truth recognize!
The secret of healthy weight loss is very simple - exercise more, eat less. That's the truth, even if you can not hear. Remove healthy means, though, that you must accomplish from one day to the other sporting excellence or should start drastic dieting.

The opposite is the case: Try to think long term. Your body gets a slow transition is best. This applies both to the diet as well as physical exercise.
Prerequisite for Fat Loss:
From I want to I want!
Eventually want to lose weight, or overweight. But there is a difference between wishes and desires. I want to lose weight means: want. Otherwise you could just say I want to remove me. Is this Introduction only quibble?

From the beginning there is the desire to reach finally the personal normal weight. Tries to satisfy this desire as quickly as possible. Or is it not rather the case that
you want to have this wish to meet as soon as possible?
The desire has to do with a longing. So you can make a wish for yourself or for someone else. In principle, one expects that the fulfillment of the request will not have their own power.

Maybe you have already tried once - get your weight problem under control - with acupuncture or another method. The
reason that there have not succeeded lies
in the fact that you believed that the "consultant" would fulfill your desire.

That means you have to reduce your weight but the desire, but not the will.

We want to make a judgment about your willpower. But like the smoker who wants to quit and does not succeed, because his habits prevent him there are habits that prevent us to change our behavior.
Prerequisite for Fat Loss:
Small steps
How to get a tree in the oven? The logical answer: In small logs. What wisdom is behind this question?

We all have our little and big goals. Impatiently we want to achieve these
goals as quickly as possible and this is
then also without effort and self-effort.
To tackling the above question. You will succeed probably difficult to get rid of
your extra pounds in one fell swoop.

Even under great difficulty and effort.

Also, we do not reach our goals at once or quickly. Yes, it may even be that we think after some time of effort, this goal is unattainable. The fact is that only
disasters occur suddenly and in one step!

Break down your project into small steps, the larger your project, the more
numerous the steps should be.
Then you
will be able to reach the target without
much trouble and effort and do not give
up halfway.
Make sure that the portion size
One serving is equivalent to half cup
cooked pasta noodles. In most restaurants, a pasta dish meets all 4 portions of pasta!
In childhood we have been taught many times to empty the dish completely. As things stand currently, such behavior
leads to obesity. Therefore ask you simply to take the leftovers home with them to be allowed.
Prerequisite for Fat Loss:
To renounce any diet!
Relevant magazines are full of articles and related advertising. Even in pharmacy journals, we find this issue proposals and advertising for a variety of diets. But when we consider the origin of the word diet, we find a very different definition of it.

As diet was understood earlier the totality
of the circumstances or the lifestyle.
not only food intake, but also the
movement and the environment in which
one lives.
So it would be the term "weight loss without diet" misleading. It is after all not lose weight without changes in
This does not have to be hard.
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Prerequisite for Fat Loss: Changing habits!
The habit of pushing people back in the
old railway.
You move enough? Or take
the elevator?
Fill your plate habitually to
the brim?
Eat straight from the
refrigerator one or another slice of
Nibble on television always nuts and biscuits?

Pay attention to the following points if
you want to change your habits:

• Grasp the decision now: I change!
• Replace the habit instead.
• Increase your motivation.
• Reward yourself
• Discover the advantages and
disadvantages of the old habits.

Envision yourself why you want to change your habits.
• No fear of relapse.
Find out what your daily caloric requirement is
The daily calorie requirement is calculated by multiplying the so-called basal metabolic rate with the activity factor.

Here you can calculate your daily caloric needs with our caloric needs calculator
for slimming.

If you want to lose weight 0.5 kg per week, then you should save about 500 calories per day. That is, the calculated caloric requirement minus 500 calories is the daily target amount.

An example:

A 35-year-old woman who weighs 80 kg
and drives any sport, has a daily calorie requirement of about 1963 calories.

Will she lose weight 0.5 kg per week, they must save 500 calories per day. That is, they only takes 1463 calories a day or
burn 500 calories more through exercise.
Eat healthy and fresh food
Fat Loss TipsBuy fresh food and avoid ready meals
and fast food.
Such food often has a
higher fat content.

You will be surprised how easily you can
lose weight by taking on the work of a prepared lunch at home instead of going to lunch.
Prerequisite for Fat Loss:
Let yourself and your body time!
To lose weight want to lose weight
quickly is usually to and achieve their desired figure within 4 weeks, shortly
before his holiday.
Of course it is understandable that you prefer as soon as possible and then also want to lose weight permanently. Unfortunately, you can only reach one of two things.

This wish will gladly taken up by the advertising strategist for the advertising of certain products. So many offers, including any promises on how "quickly, easily, without any effort to" rethink and without your own eating habits, may decrease.

Despite numerous reputable information
that evaluate such promises as untrustworthy and the advertised products
as unfit, but apparently these products are purchased.

The devastating effect of the inevitable failures occurring is that sufferers take
after numerous attempts, their overweight
is now not be treated once, because either the genes or disease's fault.
They finally tried everything. The question - if
everything has been tried - is justified.

Was ever really consistent with diet, that
is, controlling the amount of food,
beverage enjoyed sparingly, increasing
the movement account?
Prerequisite for Fat Loss: Implement weight loss tips into action!
Surely you've read various advice about losing weight. Even on the Internet you
will find many suggestions.
This will give you a wealth of information about
different diets and plenty of advice.

Of course, you also had the intention to implement these instructions. But if you
had done it, you would have achieved
your normal weight.

So it can not be on knowledge, why you
still have not reached your personal ideal weight, or could hold.
It is a clear fact
that you can not implement this
knowledge into action.

To bring knowledge, it is necessary to consume the information not only, but
also to think.
Thus, this information is a
part of your personal thoughts and you can form your own opinion.
This then leads to the fact that you are going to respect a tip or two as well.
Eat at least 5 servings per day fruit and vegetables
Fat Loss TipsFruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. They make sure that you quickly feel tired and help you keep your balance low calories.

How big is a serving now?

Fat Loss Tipstwo tablespoons of
vegetables, whether raw or cooked
Fat Loss Tipsa medium apple,
orange or

Fat Loss Tipsa bowl of mixed
green salad or

Fat Loss Tipssmall bowl of raspberries, strawberries,


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